Live File Compression

This tool helps you use the live file compression feature built into Windows.

Live file compression means that:

  • Files will be stored on disk in a compressed state, taking up less disk space than they would if they were stored in normal, uncompressed state.
  • You will be able to work with your files just like before (you see them in Windows Explorer and open or save them freely using any program you like).
  • You will have a lot more disk space at your disposal.

So, this tool will save you some disk space (so you can have more files on your computer's disks), and you will work with your computer exactly like before. The exact amount of disk space that you will save depends on the number of the files you have, their total size, and especially on the content of your files.

Some files, such as Word documents and text files, compress very well, and you will save a lot of disk space. Other files, such as .avi, .mp3, .zip and .rar are files are already compressed, and you won't be able to save disk space by compressing these files.

This live compression feature is built into Windows and it's safe. Our tool only helps you use the built-in Windows feature more easily.

Click "Next" in the Live File Compression wizard.

live file compression wizard screenshot

Choose which action to take: compress or uncompress.

live file compression choose compress or uncompress screenshot

Choose file or folder to proceed and press "Next".

live file compression choose file or folder screenshot