Registry Backup and Restore

The Registry Backup and Restore tool allows you to backup and restore your registry at any time.

The wizard is pretty self-explanatory. Please read the instructions available in the wizard. In spite of the safety measures that already apply to Windows, the registry can get corrupted. That's why it's always a good idea to back up your registry from time to time.

The first page of the wizard allows you to select between two operations: create a backup or restore an old one.

registry backup and restore wizard screenshot

If you selected "Create backup", you must first give it a name and then click "Next".

registry backup and restore name your backup screenshot

After the backup has been created, you will see a similar message as the one below:

registry backup and restore backup created screenshot

If you chose "Restore an older backup", a list with your backups will appear. You can either delete them, or click "Next" to restore the registry.

registry backup and restore old backups list screenshot

You will be asked to choose which parts of the backup you want to restore. After that, you can either click "Restore", or "Next". A message asking you to save your work will appear. Atfer you click "Yes", the registry will restore, and your computer will restart.

registry backup and restore old backups choose parts screenshot