Registry Optimizer

The registry is a very large database where all programs that are installed on your computer, including Windows itself, keep their settings.

The programs write, read and delete entries in the registry all the time. Because of this, the registry gets fragmented. The different pieces of data in the registry aren't stored in the normal order, and this can slow down your computer.

To fix this issue, go to the Registry Optimizer wizard and click "Next" to proceed. Please save and close all the open documents you are working on beforehand.

registry optimizer wizard screenshot

A message will appear. Read it carefully and move to the next step:


Your registry optimization is in progress.

The wizard first creates a fresh, optimized copy of the registry containing the same data as your old registry and then restarts your computer, in order to replace your old registry with the new, optimized one. Please note that, while creating this optimized registry, because of intense reading from your current registry, your computer may appear to lock for several minutes. This is why we recommend you to close all your open documents before using this wizard.


The registry optimization is finished. Click "Finish" to restart your computer.